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Our Aritha Beanie is a thick but lightweight single layer knit beanie. It sits m top end a little loose, which makes a cool look.... Aritha is made of super soft Italian lambswool and feels very cozy.

  • Made from high quality italian wool
  • 80% wool ( lambswool ) / 20% polyamide

  • Unisex / one size 24 x 25 cm


About our wool

Wir beziehen unsere Wollen von einem traditionellen italienischen Hersteller, der sich der ethischen Wollproduktion verschrieben hat. Die Qualität der Garne entspricht höchsten qualitativen Standards, wobei die Wolle tierfreundlich und nachhaltig geschert wird.

Our claim
Quality & Durability

We work with a small atelier in Bulgaria, known for its unique knitting skills. Since the beginning of our partnership, we have perfected our styles.
The factory team consists of veterans who have been knitting since the 90s. This unique passion for knitting and the family atmosphere make every meeting an event.

Our family of craftsmen and dedicated, specialized European partners bring all their experience and knowledge to the development of our products. As a result, the highest quality is passed on to our customers.

Wool we love

MERINO - Merino sheep are considered to have the finest and softest wool of all sheep. It is also very breathable and keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the spring and summer months. It gives you a light and comfortable feeling on your head.

LAMB WO OL - Lambswool is wool from the first shearing of sheep. While sheep's wool is notorious for its potential itchiness, lambswool is generally much softer. It has the cozy, cuddly wool properties.

MERINO WOOL "FAST DRY" BLEND - This yarn is a blend of merino and dralon from a German performance yarn specialist. It's really breathable, flexible and perfect for sports, activities and warmer seasons in general. This blend gives you a light and comfortable feeling on your head.

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