Esperando - Our history

Esperando - Unsere Geschichte

Esperando was founded in 2007 in St.Pauli. At that time, there were already many brands that made caps, but no product was so good that we would have been happy with it. So the idea to make our own caps was born quickly.

In a small studio the first drafts for the perfect beanie were made.

From the beginning, the demand for quality, details and durability was very high. If something was not absolutely perfect, the product was discarded.
It then actually took a year until the first caps and also scarves could be produced in series.

Esperando Atelier

Over the years Esperando became one of the hottest brands for accessories and a specialist for knitted hats and scarves.
In 2022 the brand was bought by us, tausendbrands GmbH, and reorganized. The assortment was expanded and new manufacturers were acquired. Since then, we have also been able to offer a collection"Made in Germany".
Until today, the quality of the products is our first priority. Esperando produces exclusively in factories in Europe. These factories are located in Germany, Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria and Scotland and are long-term partners. This ensures that the production is fair and sustainable.

Esperando Fabriken

Esperando Garn

Esperando hats and scarves are made from merino wool, lambswool, alpaca, mohair or cashmere. Only high-quality premium yarns from Italy or Scotland are processed.


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