The GOTS certification

Die GOTS Zertifizierung

GOTS certification: sustainability in the textile industry

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification is a major seal of approval in the textile industry that stands for sustainability and environmental awareness. It was developed to ensure that textile products are manufactured under strict environmental and social criteria. GOTS certification applies both to natural fibers such as cotton, wool and linen and to textile products made from synthetic fibers that meet certain environmental and social requirements.

A key aspect of GOTS certification is the use of organically grown fibers. This means that the cotton or wool used is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or herbicides, which significantly reduces environmental impact. Growing organic fibers also promotes the health of farmers and protects the environment from harmful chemicals.

In addition, GOTS certification sets strict requirements for the entire supply chain. This includes the social conditions of workers involved in production. Manufacturers seeking the GOTS label must ensure that their workers are paid fairly, have safe working conditions, and that their basic human rights are respected. This promotes social responsibility and fairness in the textile industry.

GOTS certification not only refers to production, but also to the entire manufacturing process. This means that all chemical additives used in textile production must meet strict requirements. Harmful dyes and chemicals are banned, and environmentally friendly alternatives are used instead. This helps minimize the environmental impact of textile production.

Consumers looking for GOTS certified products can be assured that they are making an environmentally friendly and socially responsible choice. These products are often marked with the GOTS logo, which serves as a guarantee of sustainability and quality. GOTS certification has grown in importance in recent years as more people consider the impact of their consumption on the environment and working conditions in the textile industry.

Overall, GOTS certification promotes the ideals of sustainability, environmental protection and social justice in the textile industry. It offers consumers the opportunity to make conscious purchasing decisions and helps steer the textile industry in a direction that takes into account the needs of people and the planet alike.

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